What people say about me


Body Scan: Nicole is a gifted intuitive, teacher and healer. Her soul wisdom and beautiful heart enable her to be a powerful vessel of love and healing. Nicole has many gifts but in particular her intuitive body scans are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I am a Reiki master and I receive Reiki regularly. This was very different. Nicole was able to see things in my body and give me tools to bring them back into balance. These were things that made sense to me and how I was feeling but we’re not picked up in my Reiki sessions. She’s able to scan our body and see a clear map of ourselves and what needs to heal. I feel empowered, balanced, and grateful to have the tools I need to help me heal and move forward. . So grateful for Nicole and her gifts and that she is willing to share them with us.

Nicole from USA



Body Scan: Hi Nicole. Thank you for your extensiv and accurate  report. I have taken the past few days process all the information and it definitely resonates with me. The pain issues have been reduced, especially in the xarea. I feel extremely grateful for having been able to receive your guidance and healing. You truly are very gifted. Thanks again. With love

Danielle from Denmark



Angelreading: Dear Nicole. Thank you for your angel reading. That is the first time that I had an oracle card reading. I was really excited in advance. Your reading was absolute on spot and very helpful. Nicole didn't have any personal information from me nor did she know me before. We have met only via Facebook. Therefore I was really impressed by the correct statements/conclusion she made. I am amazed to watch at my life from another point of view with so much responsability and power. Thank you so much.

Katja from Germany