Who am I?

I'm a healer, a soulcoach, a body-reader, a kinesiologist, a dreamer, a visionary, an out-of-the-box-thinker, a pain-expert, a spiritualist, a cardreader and a wife and a mum.  If you want to know about my certificates (I have many), educations (quite a few) or degree (studied economics) - you can ask me whenever you want. I believe that all these papers do not say too much about what I have to offer to you.


Over the last few decades I have developed my natural gifts. I do have some innate talents that I had to discover over the years. Or I just had to activate them. Who knows. Although I am nothing special and not better than anyone else, I took the time to study things and develop my very own way. I honestly believe that we all can do that . Create our own unique way with your own talents and gifts. For me it is about devotion and training.


And how did I get into all of this?

In my younger years I was a strong believer that everybody can see and feel what I can. But it was a big challenge for me to find out that it was not. In my teenage years I got in contact with my first divination cards - the lenormand cards. I have used them for fun and just tuned into my intuition and then pointed to the cards so that people could follow my words. But as a few challenges tumbled my life I decided not to work with cards anymore. A few years later I have been working in spiritual circles when I got in contact with the tarot from Rider-Waite. I had worked with them for a few years, but never felt a strong bond. It was only a few years ago when I saw the angel cards from Kyle Gray and felt in love with them right away. I bought all cards and books and started to learn as much as I can. I am still a member of Kyle Gray's Angel Team - a beautiful place where you learn everything about angels and masters.


It is only about a decade ago that I started to see colours in and around people. I had to learn a lot about how a body "works" and what is right or wrong. I have learned about chakras and all energies in our body. It's amazing! Over the years I have fine tuned that until the day I have decided to work on and with clients. And I'm grateful I did.


Although I have faced many challenges in my life (such as sexual abuse, depression, suicidal, several severe accidents, miscarriages) I somehow never lost faith. There was always this spark. Something inside of me kept me going and showed me how to turn everything into a learning and evolving phase. I have been there. And now I'm here and very grateful for everything in my life.

My best and most important qualification is that I've learned from my own experience. I don't talk about stuff that I haven't experienced on my own. I don't do wohooo stuff and I don't recommand anything that I haven't done on my own. And with that being said - my heart is involved in every step. I love to see people growing and building up their own talents and gift. I don't want you to "hang on my lips" forever. I want you to go outside, shine the world and rock it with your very own unique talents.


What else?
I'm a bit of a weirdo, I'm most of the time too loud and I always wave with my hands/arms while talking. I do meditate, I do yoga, but I also do swear sometimes, I'm not a vegan and do not wear white all the time. To be honest - most of the time I do wear black.


Do you have any further questions? Email me or get in contact with me on IG or FB.


I love to see you there!