Everything is energy. Everything you say and everything that had been said to you is stored in your body. Every move and every accident is stored. Your whole life can be found in your body. And not only everything from this life, but also from your lineage. Imagine the power within you. But what if all these stored energies got stuck or doesn't flow anymore? Energy can create "dis-ease" on a physical level. Energetic blocks can become very painful although you won't see anything on a x-ray. And sometimes an energetic block in your knee, can become a pain in your neck. And who will see this connection between your knee and your neck?


How does a intuitive body scan work?

My intuitive body scans are only available as written reports. As I dive deep into "your energetic field" I won't be able to talk during that session. You will get a detailed report about each of your chakras and your energetic field. A normal report is between 4 to 5 pages long. My report may also include energetical or physical excersises or something I feel that would be good for your soul and body.


You don't have to do anything during my scan. You don't need to lay down, sleep or rest.


While I do the scan I also "re-arrange" everything back on track. While scanning I "know" what is wrong and I will gentle "clean" your energy, release old or blocked stuff and bring everything back into the flow of your very unique body. Nobody is the same. Even if I scan people with the same "physical issue", I won't get the same report. It's always unique.


Some people report of a huge release of pain. Some had great sleeps and some didn't feel much, but had a better understanding of what was going on.


It takes me at least two hours to scan you and write the report.


What do I need to know from you?

I only need to know your name, age and the physical issue that you want to work on. If there is an official medical diagnose involved I would be glad to know about. You can go as detailed or as brief as you want. Also if you are taking any medicine or remedies. That is all I need.


One example would be this: pain in my left knee while moving, no medical diagnose, nothing was found, painkiller every evening and after workout.


Another example would be: I was diagnosed with migraine at the age of 21. I have done all medical checkups. They couldn't find any physical issues. I have tried several painkillers (such as triptane) and also betablocker. Actually I am on a 50 mg betablocker and during an attack I'm under 10 mg triptane. It always starts at the right side of my head. Sometimes my neck starts before. Some are with aura, some not. I don't eat chocolate, certain cheese and fish as they will trigger. I don't drink any alcohol. With medicine I don't need to vomit. Without any triptane an attack will last up to 6 hours. With triptane about 1 hour or less.


It's up to you what you want to give me as an information.


How long do you have to wait for your report?

I will schedule your scan as soon as I get the information that your money has arrived. I will then let you know when your report can be sent out. At the moment it is about 14 days from the day your money has arrived.


How do you pay?

My time for a body scan and writing your specific report takes about two hours. Your investment for your report would be 111,- Euros. You can pay with Paypal. The information will be sent to you.


How do you get in contact with me?

You can fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can write me a message with the messenger in facebook.


Please be aware of the time delay, if you are in another time zone.


Can I do a scan for an animal?

Yes, totally. It works the same as for humans. I have done this for many cats, dogs and horses so far.


How often can I do a scan?

This is up to you. Sometimes a client feels that there is a need in every 7 or 14 days. This is often when people are in an acute situation. For example if an operation had been taken place or another ongoing treatment is necessary. Some people feel that they want to check every 6 months just to see what is happening. And some just want one scan and they are okay with those information. It's all up to you and how it makes you feel.


What more do you need to know?

I am not a medical professional or health advisor. The information revealed in my reports are not a medical diagnosis. It is meant to help you on your holistic path of healing and does not negate or supersede a diagnosis from a licensed medical professional or other healing practioner. Best would be, if we all would work hand in hand for the highst good of people in need.


If you want to order a Bodyscan you can start right here and contact me.


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