My name is Nicole Deters

Healing is never a straight line, and no two paths are the same.


As an intuitive on many levels (I see, feel and know energies) I can help you find the clear path out of struggle - whether it is with your health, family, work or general sense of feeling lost.


I will create a sacred space to help you navigate back onto your unique path. By listening to the whispers of your soul and your angels I will arm you with information and a road map to help you heal yourself and your life. The guidance you'll receive may include support for your physical, mental, emotional or spirtual well being. They will uplevel your energy, guiding you to a state of healing yourself by understanding yourself better.



Are you ready for the next step?



My services

Angel Guided Session

Within a sacred space I get in contact with the angelic realm and your soul. Messages will come through my intuition and the oracle cards I use. These sessions can be held in person at my local practice or as a distance reading.

Intuitive Body Scan

With my natural gifts I will scan your body and give you a detailed, written information about energetic blocks. All I need is your full name, age and your physical issues at the moment.