Your body will always be honest with you

Your body is your wellbeing barometer.


I believe that our body has the amazing capability to reflect our mental, emotional and spiritual setup as well as imbalances within our physical system. My gift is the ability to read, explore and understand your individual energy within your body. In a reading we´ll not only explore what is in imbalance, but also what your body needs so you can feel comfortable within yourself again.

By listening to the whispers of your body, your angels and your soul, I can guide you on your life path. You´ll gain a true understanding of yourself and the wonderful gift of self-acceptance.

Let your body share its incredible story with you.


I´m Nicole Deters, your bodywhisperer.






My services


Within a sacred space I get in contact with the angelic realm and your soul. Messages will come through my intuition and the oracle cards I use. These sessions can be held over Zoom.


With my natural gifts I will scan your body and give you a detailed, written report about everything I have received (about eight A4 pages). All I need is your full name, age and your issue (questions, pain, life, etc.)

Your bodyscan is available as a written report only.