Guardians of the holy grail

May I introduce you all to the “Guardians of the holy grail”? When I got first in contact with them this is what came through: 



“We have decided to show up so that you can start to show up. We have decided to teach you about “unboxing” your world and do, see, feel and think from the heart instead.


We are several beings that had been on the earth. We know how you feel, walk, learn and think. We know how it is to live a life. But we also know how it is to be in space, in the universe, to be one with everything.


If you look at us, tell us what you see? Do you see a woman smiling at you? Do you see a man looking into you? Do you see a winged being moving towards you? Do you see a circle that is approaching you? Well – YES – we are all of it. To start with “unboxing” we have decided not to show up as female or male. It depends on you what you see. And what you see is what you need at the moment the most. The same goes for the colour. There is blue, grey, green, lilac, orange, yellow, pink, turkis, red, gold and white. And within the withe light all colours are contained. Which colour to you like the most or feel drawn too? That is the colour that is missing in your life at the moment.


As this could be overwhelming for you we've decided to come forward as a bit more female and called ourselves Lilly. Just to give you some familiar connection to us. But if you start to explore and discover us, you will get more and more information.”


So what I have come to understand so far is that they are here to remind us of several things. Look at the circle. The middle of the circle is at the throat. So if we speak up for what we are and what we believe in, we start to lighten up.  We start to glow and radiate – and the more we speak up the bigger the circle gets. The circle of light is nourished by what is coming from the heart. It´s unwinding itself upwards. When all the chakras are aligned the heart is able to express itself with ease because its flowing from the heart into your mouth. The energy can flow upwards towards the third eye and your crown chakra. From there it can join the stellar gateway and your connection to everything that is and it will start to feel real.


The circle shows us that there is no beginning and no ending. We all know that somehow. Even if we don´t believe in reincarnation. If we die on a physical level – we somehow go back into the earth. Our body changes the physical state, but we never disappear. So does our soul. This tinny bit of energy stays – forever. As Albert Einstein said: Energy can never be destroyed – it can only change it's form.


Stop for a while at their eyes. Zoom in and look at them. They seem to be a universe in themselves. Do you see the colours and the golden light? And if you stare in their eyes on both sides of the head it seems as if there is a fire swirling upwards. A violet flame is burning away all thoughts of fear and ego that might distract you from what you are supposed to feel. Are you ready to have a deep look in those eyes and let yourself drawn into time and space?




That's it for today. We'll be back for more….